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Topics which can be presented

Background and Experience

Mark R. Day



Patriotic Orations and  Speeches on Patriotism.

Presentation on the War of 1812

Classroom presentations on the life of a Revolutionary War soldier

Mr. Day is originally from New York State.  He is a high school history teacher in central Virginia, with  a BS in Sociology from the State University of New York's Excelsior College. 


Mr. Day served for 24 years in the United States Navy and is  a Retired Master Chief Petty Officer.


He currently serves as the President of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter, SAR

 Dr. Phil Williams

 “The Convention Army and The Barracks at Ivy Creek, Charlottesville, 1779-81”




     “The American Revolution and the French Connection”




   “The Role of Piracy in Shaping the Constitution and the early American Republic”






  “The Declaration of Independence: The Virginia Signers”

Dr. Williams is originally from Michigan. He attended  the University of Virginia (with a BA in History), the University of Edinburgh, Scotland,  the University of Florence, Italy, and finally, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Dr. Williams has lived in four foreign countries, and has studied and worked professionally in four foreign languages: French, Greek, Italian and Turkish.

Dr. Williams worked for Bankers Trust Co. in New York first as a Commercial Banker, then in the Wall St. Division as a Corporate Finance banker, and finally, moved to the international side of the bank on special assignment in Istanbul, Turkey.

After starting Turkey 's first investment bank under the auspices of Bankers Trust Co. Dr. Williams returned to the States and moved with his family to Charlottesville in 1992. He  lectures on the Near East/Turkey, ancient and modern.

 Patrick Kelly

 Patriotic Orations and Speeches on Patriotism

 Mr. Kelly is a past President of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter.

 James O'Kelley

Patriotic Orations and Speeches on Patriotism 

School presentations on Patriotism and Veterans

 Mr. O'Kelley is the current Thomas Jefferson Chapter President, a retired Col. in the USMC, and a former auxiliary police officer.

 Mr Mark Chapman

 Genealogical Presentations

 Mr. Chapman is the Thomas Jefferson Chapter Registrar and has a background in Genealogical Research

















Rules governing the Thomas Jefferson Chapter Speakers Bureau and contact information for scheduling speakers  

The Mission of the TJ Chapter Speakers Bureau

1. A speaker’s bureau is integral to the Thomas Jefferson Chapter's public relations/marketing/external communications program. The opportunities provided to the Chapter, through its representatives who obtain speaking engagements, may secure local print and Television media opportunities before, during and after the event.

2. We will be able to a target our audience and present the SAR's most important goals and ideas to like minded individuals while speaking at patriotic events and conferences.

A few things to be aware of when requesting a speaker:

·       The Thomas Jefferson Chapter Speaker's Bureau will be available to support organizations which share our vision and values of remembrance and patriotism.

·       Organizations desiring the services of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter Speaker Bureau should contact the President of the Chapter at to obtain an application for a speaker.

·       Organizations requesting an application should apply at least three months ahead for the speaker.

·       Organizations requesting a speaker should be prepared to provide technical support such as podiums, LCD projectors, screens, and sound systems at the request of the speaker.

·       Honorariums are not required but assistance with fuel, transportation, and housing cost should be provided if the speaker is traveling more than 80 miles from home

·       The Thomas Jefferson Chapter will post a list of speakers and their topics on this website and maintain a calendar of speaking engagements