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Sons of the American Revolution

The members of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution thank you for visiting our website. Our Chapter is located in the heart of Central Virginia, in Charlottesville, and is one of the most active chapters in the Virginia Society. The Thomas Jefferson Chapter was chartered in 1939 and over its seventy-three year history it has sought to honor and remember the patriots who scarified and suffered to give us a nation built on the principles of individual rights and republican governance. Throughout the year our chapter holds events at the graves of our patriot ancestors to keep green their contributions to the great American spirit of freedom and to promote their dream of a nation built on the ideals of popular sovereignty.

The activities of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter include meetings in March, April, June, Oct, and Dec as well as commemorations for the Birthday's of President's Jefferson and Madison. We are also involved in the commemoration of several key events of the revolutionary war such as The Crossing of the Dan, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, and Yorktown. A detailed schedule of our activities can be found on the meeting and events calendar page of this website.

I welcome and encourage you to contact the officers listed at the bottom of this page for additional information, or answers to your questions, on the procedures to join the Thomas Jefferson Chapter Sons of the American Revolution. We have also provided a link to the National Society's membership page for your convenience in locating the required forms and directions for joining the Sons of the American Revolution.

Thank you for visiting us today and sharing your interest in the Thomas Jefferson Chapter.

Fraternally yours, 

David Cooke, President 


The purpose of the Society Sons of the American Revolution as an organization is to perpetuate the memory of the men who gave us our Free Nation, Constitutional Government, and Individual Liberty  

The purpose of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter's website is to explain the programs of the Society Sons of American Revolution and  information about Thomas Jefferson Chapter in particular.  

To accomplish  that goal information on scheduled National Society, State Society, and local Chapter events is provided information to both inform the current membership and aid in the recruitment of new members


A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither.    
                                         Thomas Jefferson

Please take a moment and like out page.  We welcome all inquiries for membership and ask that you contact our secretary and our registrar for information on the application process.  


David Cooke


Geoffrey R. Cobham


                             Mark S. Chapman                                                      


Joel Strauch

Other Officers
Historian - Patrick Kelly 
Chancellor - Harvey Hague
Publicist - Phil Williams III, Ph. D
Chaplain -  Vacant
Surgeon - Ken Wallenborn M.D.

Board of Managers
David Cooke
Geoff Cobham
Mackey Tillman
Joel Strauch
James O'Kelly
Phil Williams III, Ph. D
Mark R. Day
Patrick Kelly
Ken Wallenborn M.D.
Canon Henry N.F. Minich 
Harvey Hague
Mark Chapman